Greek Immigrants in the Southern United States 1895-1965

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Nationally and locally, immigration is again a hot topic. Are too many newcomers detrimental to our nation's economy and quality of life? Should we stop or at least reduce their numbers? Is it possible to control our borders? This is by no means the first time that Americans are wrestling with these questions. How did we resolve the problem in the past?

The history of immigration forms a large part of the history of the United States. In fact, at any one time since the 1600s, the population of northern America, and specifically the population in the United States and Canada, consisted to a significant degree of immigrants.

What prompted these men and women to leave their homes and migrate to the United States? Their reasons and stories are as varied as humanity, and that makes their history, the history of immigration, and the history of the United States, the land populated and built by immigrants, so exciting and interesting.